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Your responses indicated that you are Disruptable. You know about the heartaches and headaches and you love it. Chaos is part of your day-to-day and you routinely seize those opportunities to emerge as a radically new you. 

Even though your score cuts the image of a Disruptable leader, Intentional Disruption is a constantly iterative process. Introspection can’t just be an occasional exercise, but something you’re engaged with in every situation your encounter. Even now, some obstacles might overwhelm you and distract you from the bigger picture. Stay laser-focused on solutions and you can keep the chaos under your influence. Stay glued to your purpose, and if you need to, redefine what the purpose is with regularity If you’re Disruptable, so is your purpose. It’s okay to change it, but never lose sight of it. As you try to steer this ship, control is an easy mindset to slide into, but that way lies madness, because there is always an ever-increasing list of things we cannot control. Stay grounded in your ability to influence people and events and work in that space and you will find the success you want. And always approach every situation, no matter how uncomfortable with a growth mindset. If your first thought is “How can this make me better?” then you will always find your way back to Intentional Disruption that has gotten you this far. 

The danger at this stage is complacency. The fact is, change is always looming, but not always working on us. It’s something we need to be prepared for, but not always something that requires our focus and attention. But being Disruptable is a muscle, and sometimes it might require us to challenge ourselves. Ask yourself, have you disrupted yourself in the last thirty days? If the answer is “no,” you’re probably too comfortable. To stay Disruptable and not let yourself fall back into the pack, create opportunities for change. Recall the requirements of a Disruptable leader and seek out ways to disrupt yourself. Sometimes the world forces us to get better. The best of us force ourselves to get better. Stay Disruptable, force yourself to get better.

To learn about the how you can become Disruptable and the work you need to do to get there, take a look inside Allan’s book Disruptable: Break Away From Ordinary.

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If you think your company or a group you work with could benefit from Allan’s insights on becoming Disruptable, reach out today!

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