Disruption is about more unknown variables moving a company’s bottom line or shifting industries. In fact, Intentional Disruption is a personal, individual process, a process of becoming one who is Disruptable. People who are Disruptable do not create these changes by accident or by sheer luck—it all begins with a mindset that steers them toward radically new versions of themselves as they work to embrace and affect change.

It takes courage to become Disruptable because it puts us face-to-face with our own fears, shortcomings, and discomfort. When we become Disruptable, we can thrive amid change, retain agency through chaos, and build for ourselves the lives we truly desire.

  • Questions

    Complete the following sentences with the answers that most closely reflect your current situation. Approach all questions with honesty, and remember, there are no wrong answers.
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    I influence others
    I achieve things others think are impossible
    I don't recognize myself from five years ago
    I aggressively pursue continuous improvement
    I am aware of my beliefs and where they come from