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Breakaway from Ordinary

By the time he was in high school, Allan Young was running 14 of his own businesses. A curious and far from ordinary child and adolescent, Allan was constantly iterating, trying this new thing or that new thing to learn what worked and what didn’t. As new businesses emerged and failed, Allan treated each as a learning opportunity, and most importantly would later in life understand these failures as opportunities to disrupt himself.

Now a serial entrepreneur and current Founder and CEO of several fast-growth companies, Allan wrote Disruptable not just for aspiring entrepreneurs or business leaders, but for anyone seeking strategies for changing themselves and the world around them. Allan writes from experience. As he moved from experience from experience, his most valuable lesson learned was “by pursuing the unordinary and continually and intentionally disrupting myself, I could create radically better versions of myself,” he states in the book’s introduction. It’s this iterative process of self-disruption that became Allan’s personal definition of success, and ultimately the backbone of his book’s critical message.

Allan’s vision of intentional disruption—that is disruption intentionally focused on something bigger than who you are currently—comes to life through his personal stories, the stories of friends and leaders in other industries, and the lessons we can learn from iconic disruptors from ancient Stoic philosopher Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius to Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr. They all thought differently and broke away from normal in unique ways using the same approach of intentional self-disruption.

With Disruptable Allan shows you how to change your mindset so that you can positively disrupt yourself and your world. You’ll learn:

  • How to rediscover and embrace what makes you different from others.
  • How to confront your fears and use them to grow.
  • How to observe the impossible to make changes in yourself that you didn’t think were possible.
  • How to act intentionally to set yourself up for whatever greatness you want to achieve.

It’s time to face your fears, embrace failure, and become an intentionally disruptable individual capable of incredible things.

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Praise for Disruptable

“Allan has been a major force in franchising and always brings a refreshing perspective to traditional industries. His insights and leadership are a major part of my company’s growth and success. Embracing Allan’s road map to intentional disruption is a clear path to achieving extreme success.”

Omar Soliman

Cofounder, College Hunks Hauling Junk
Author, Effortless Entrepreneur

“Humble yet irreverent, Disruptable sets the tone by refusing mediocrity.”

Matthias “Super Frenchie” Giraud

Professional Skier, Mountaineer, and BASE Jumper
Super Frenchie Documentary

“In life or in business, you’re one of either two things: the disruptor or the one being disrupted. While being incredibly practical and straight to the point, Allan uses humor and stories to deliver a powerful message.”

Dan Lok

Chairman, Dragon 100
Managing Partner, DragonX Capital

“Disruptable will force you to look at yourself and your life in ways that will re-engage the curious and fearless child that resides in each of us. If you are ready to embrace a brave, new you, start reading now.”

Christina Pitts

Founder and CEO, The Lumistella Company, Home of The Elf on the Shelf

If your fear of failure is stopping you from achieving your dreams, embracing Allan Young’s road map to intentional disruption will set you free

Patrick J. Sweeney II

WSJ Best-Selling Author of Fear is Fuel

“A focused and intense guide plenty of powerful information for those of us that want to redefine ourselves and succeed in a challenging world.”

Carlos Coste

12x World Record Champion Freediver

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