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“Impactful, fast-paced, and full of engaging stories, Disruptable shows how to disrupt yourself for continuous growth. A must-read if you’re ready to break away from normal and become the best version of yourself.”

David Panton

Co-Founder, Navigation Capital Partners

“A focused and intense guide plenty of powerful information for those of us that want to redefine ourselves and succeed in a challenging world.”

Carlos Coste

12x World Record Champion Freediver

Allan Young has written a must-read for anyone considering for any who is on a quest to break away from normal and find the best version of themselves…Read this book – and learn from one of the best.

Mark Siebert

CEO, iFranchise Group

Disruptable will cause a dramatic shift in how you see yourself.  If you want to upgrade your life in a significant way, break away from normal with the wisdom in Disruptable.”

Frank Milner

CEO, Tudor Doctor

If your fear of failure is stopping you from achieving your dreams, embracing Allan Young’s road map to intentional disruption will set you free

Patrick J. Sweeney II

WSJ Best-Selling Author of Fear is Fuel

“Disruptable will force you to look at yourself and your life in ways that will re-engage the curious and fearless child that resides in each of us. If you are ready to embrace a brave, new you, start reading now.”

Christina Pitts

Founder and CEO, The Lumistella Company, Home of The Elf on the Shelf

“Buckle up and enjoy the ride as Allan’s sheer determination to the ongoing process of becoming his best self takes you on his journey of epic failures and incredible successes.

John R. DiJulius III

Bestselling author of The Customer Service Revolution

“In a world where the only certainty is a mountain of uncertainty, there’s nothing more important than building a mindset of adaptability. I fundamentally believe that developing this mindset can be our biggest superpower in business and life, allowing us to reframe obstacles as opportunities to innovate from the unknown. Allan’s book pulls back the curtain on how to develop this superpower from the incredible story of his journey.”

Marshall Mosher

CEO, Vestigo
Poly Extreme Athlete

“In life or in business, you’re one of either two things: the disruptor or the one being disrupted. While being incredibly practical and straight to the point, Allan uses humor and stories to deliver a powerful message.”

Dan Lok

Chairman, Dragon 100
Managing Partner, DragonX Capital

Disruptable is our reminder that life is a game. Choose your mentors carefully, and remember to be optimistic and selfless in the pursuit of happiness. The context Allan provides through his stories and interviews with successful disruptors is extremely powerful.”

Jackie Stewart Lechler, CD, JP

Managing Director, Stewart’s Automotive Group

Disruptable is the new Blue Ocean Strategy on steroids. If you are an individual contributor, a start-up entrepreneur, or a CEO running a multimillion-dollar company, we should all heed and embrace the words that Allan wrote to his son—“Never endeavor to be perfect. Instead, endeavor to be imperfect by constantly disrupting yourself.” We are all trying to move to the next level in our thoughts, careers, relationships, health, and happiness. Disruptable is our key to move to that next level, our highest level. Get ready for a transfiguration.”

Dr. Kofi Smith

CEO, Keystone Management, LLC

“A highly impactful book with a long-lasting, positive punch to leverage your life to one of true accomplishment. Allan Young not only charts the path for us but openly recounts the bruises he incurred along the way and the important lessons learned. I found myself taking notes on nearly every page and, as a result, expect my life to be more intentional than ever. Invest your time with Allan in his book Disruptable, and enjoy the ROI.”

Jack Daly

CEO, Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur
Amazon Best-Selling Author

“Allan Young does a brilliant job of setting the stage that disruption begins with disrupting me first! If we expect to change anything, it has to start with me. Allan’s practical steps can help each of us maximize our best selves.”

Jeffrey C. Manchester

Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Executive Coach
Partner, Shift 180

“Allan’s fearless approach to failure is wonderfully intertwined with lessons for both the reader’s life and business. It’s a truly honest must-read book for all entrepreneurs looking to share their vision and develop into authentic leaders. His disruptive entrepreneurial journey outlines a road map of how to succeed in today’s fast-moving business climate.”

Rafique Symonette

Managing Director, Bahamas Experience Tours

“When I first met Allan Young, we talked about all the great business books we loved to read and re-read. We agreed the experience of immersing oneself into a good book can change your point of view, making terrific books even more valuable and timeless. His stories and collection of experiences will not only enrich your life but also the lives of those with whom you choose to share this book. There is no doubt. Allan has crafted an absolute must-have title for an entrepreneur’s library.”


Founder, Abacus Three

“How do you have the greatest impact on the people around you? Leaders in all walks of life seek to answer that question every day, but there are few who enjoy impacting and leading others in such a broad spectrum of endeavors. Follow Allan Young into the arena and live through his eyes as he takes you on a journey of discovery and disruption. From his early days in the military to building multiple businesses to freediving and paragliding, Allan takes you on a journey of continuous challenges and life lessons. Whether he is freediving over a hundred feet below the surface of the ocean on a single breath of air or flying a powered paraglider a thousand feet above the surface of the earth with a propeller strapped to his back, Allan will dare you to step outside your comfort zone. Open this book of discovery and step into the arena with Allan. Learn how to ‘break away from ordinary’ and become an intentional disruptor as you strive valiantly for greatness.”

Beau Durham

Founder, ValorBridge Partners

“Allan is a serial entrepreneur who has always enjoyed helping others become better versions of themselves. In this book he shares his personal desire to be ‘unordinary’ through what he describes as ‘intention disruption.’ Using this approach will help you evaluate and understand your failures and your fears so you can develop a future path to success. It’s real, practical, and a must-read if you are looking to make a significant and positive change in yourself and those around you.”

Adam Pearlman

CEO, CMR Partners

“Disruptable offers a simple yet transformational process for continuous improvement, better leadership, and extraordinary growth. It is packed with insights on turning challenges into opportunities, embracing what makes us unique, and living with greater purpose. Throughout those meaningful principles Allan has woven in humorous and relatable stories such that every entrepreneur can benefit from the practice of intentional disruption in both their business and personal life.”

Mark Moses

CEO and Founding Partner, CEO Coaching International

“Allan is an incredible entrepreneur, father, and friend. I’m so excited that he is sharing some of the great anecdotes and lessons from his life.”

David Kim

Founder, C2 Education

“Humble yet irreverent, Disruptable sets the tone by refusing mediocrity.”

Matthias “Super Frenchie” Giraud

Professional Skier, Mountaineer, and BASE Jumper
Super Frenchie Documentary

“Before Disruptable, I had not thought about disruption as a mindset and that I can choose to disrupt my life in a good way. Allan’s experiences and stories allowed me to reflect on my personal quest for growth and to want to become more disruptable.  As I read, I found myself looking forward to that next bit of wisdom.”

John Munford

President, Riggins Company

In times of disruption, we can either surrender in defeat to the unforeseen change or let the chaos show us new opportunities. Allan takes this concept a step further and teaches us to wield disruption as a superpower for transforming our lives and surroundings toward an amazing future.

Joel “Thor” Neeb

CEO, Afterburner
Author, Survivor’s Obligation

“Everything in my thirty-five-plus-year entrepreneurial life has been disruptable, but I had to figure much of it out on my own. Disruptable will give anyone looking to be or think differently about business a jump start. A must-read for every entrepreneur!”

Ewoud N. Swaak

Founding Partner, Westplan Investors

“Allan Young’s new book, Disruptable, is an authentic and genuine guide for current and future business leaders. Using personal and real-life examples, Allan exhibits his willingness to be vulnerable to help others avoid the mistakes and failures he experienced. Allan is a great teacher, mentor, and friend, as well as a sought-after leadership and business coach. He is always striving to learn and improve, both personally and professionally. We all have a lot to learn from his insights, methods, and tools, and I encourage every business leader looking to get to the next level to read Disruptable to glean some of his wisdom.”

Rebekah Barr

CEO, Allyon, Inc.

“Allan’s book is a great illustration of his life lessons as a serial entrepreneur and natural leader who has always leaned into his fear and been willing to take creative risks for personal and professional success. It is both engaging and entertaining while, at the same time, a great read.”

Chip Schramm

President, Turner Supply

“Allan is a compelling, credible storyteller. With keen insight and refreshing vulnerability, Allan shares practical wisdom from both his business successes and failures. For anyone who wants to lead effectively and impact others in today’s world, Disruptable is a must-read book.”

Justin Bredeman

CEO, Soccer Shots

“Disruptable provides a true real-life account of an entrepreneur’s journey, uncovering how your failures are a gift, the important need for self-driven disruption, and the continual resilience required to be successful! Allan provides many direct takeaways and action items for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike to quickly understand the concepts and implement change into their own lives and businesses.”

Adam Noyes

President and Owner, Proof of the Pudding

“Allan is a lifelong entrepreneur and radical thinker who is no stranger to disruptive ideas. The concepts in Disruptable force the reader to break out of traditional thinking and stretch for new approaches to challenges and opportunities. This one gets a front seat in my leadership library.”

Dave Pazgan

CEO, Kidokenetics

“When Allan Young asked me to review his new book, I hesitated. Will it have a new, compelling, and actionable message? Will it be well written? Will it contain personal and authentic stories? Will it guide and challenge people to achieve the seemingly impossible? My answer is yes! Read Disruptable and discover your inner disrupter!”

Dave Sutton

Author, Marketing Interrupted
Chairman, TopRight Marketing

“Disruptable is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock their full potential in business and beyond. Allan’s perspectives and experiences will help shape your mindset and force you to step out of the ordinary to achieve maximum results.”

Brian Mattingly

Founder and CEO, Welcomemat

“Allan has been a major force in franchising and always brings a refreshing perspective to traditional industries. His insights and leadership are a major part of my company’s growth and success. Embracing Allan’s road map to intentional disruption is a clear path to achieving extreme success.”

Omar Soliman

Cofounder, College Hunks Hauling Junk
Author, Effortless Entrepreneur

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