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This is an encouraging score! You’re no stranger to change and its disruptive power. You might even be a person who, depending upon the kind of change, thrives through it. Maybe you’ve cultivated this mindset, or maybe this seeming comfort with change is innate. The trick now is being intentional about your engagement with change, and doing so in such a way that you become a person who affects change, rather than someone capable of simply navigating it with relative ease. 

While you might feel comfortable with change, to grow you need to allow yourself to change. Before you can affect the change you want, you need to allow yourself to be radically reinvented, to be Disruptable. That starts with one question: Who am I? Answering that question requires introspection. When we’re truly introspective through the lens of Intentional Disruption, we learn about our strengths and our fears. More importantly, we learn to capitalize on our strengths and to confront our fears. 

When we look inward in this way, we also learn what we really want, and what areas of our lives need disrupted to create the life we envision for ourselves. This is the power of becoming Disruptable. Nothing is static, nothing is impossible, and nothing is contingent upon anything other than your willingness to change yourself. 

If you’ve reached this point in your Disruptable journey, get ready for a fun ride. Self-disruption sounds chaotic, but it is overflowing with opportunities once you realize what’s happening and the agency you must direct and affect change. To keep this power in check and always pointed at your overall goals, start taking an inventory of your beliefs, your Why, and what kind of changes you need to embrace to keep those things at the center of your actions and life. Before long, this process will be old hat, and you will be Disruptable. Welcome aboard!

To learn about how you can become Disruptable and the work you need to do to get there, take a look inside Allan’s book Disruptable: Break Away From Ordinary.

If you think you, your company or a group you work with could benefit from Allan’s insights on becoming Disruptable, reach out today!

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If you think your company or a group you work with could benefit from Allan’s insights on becoming Disruptable, reach out today!

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