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Being an Intentional Disruptor starts with you. While there’s an abundance of chatter these days about disruption at the industry or company level, true disruption is an individual act of embracing change. More than that, Intentional Disruption is about embracing the chaos, and allowing yourself to be radically reinvented by change. 

Easy, right? Hardly. To do it right, you need to start at bedrock. Intentional Disruption—or, being Disruptable—requires you to know exactly who you are. It requires you to embrace your fears fully, then confront them. And it requires you to unlock your creativity and imagination in pursuit of long-term personal growth. 

You might be wondering, What’s the upshot, here? The answer is found in whether or not you want to be someone who reacts to change, or someone who actively affects change. If you’re content being someone who does their best to go with the flow, constantly swept up in the winds of change, then Intentional Disruption isn’t the lifestyle for you. But, if you’re the kind of person who wants to break rank, sail into a headwind, and see what’s on the horizon before anyone else, welcome to the tribe. The next steps are going to be exciting ones. 

At this point in your journey, your focus should be on introspection. Now, that sounds a bit dull, but if you engage with the process and do the work to find out who you are—or in many cases, who you’ve become without realizing it—you’ll find untold opportunities for change, improvement, and radical reinvention. What’s more, this process isn’t static, it’s not one-and-done, and it is not just loafing about and having a good think. No, the introspection of an Intentional Disruptor demands that we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, in situations that force us to observe ourselves while we navigate challenges. Because when we intentionally put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, our brain begins to get used to the feeling of ambiguity, of danger, of doubt, and of fear, and learns to deal with it. Are you ready to become Disruptable?

To learn about the how you can become Disruptable and the work you need to do to get there, take a look inside Allan’s book Disruptable: Break Away From Ordinary.

If you think you, your company or a group you work with could benefit from Allan’s insights on becoming Disruptable, reach out today!

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If you think your company or a group you work with could benefit from Allan’s insights on becoming Disruptable, reach out today!

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